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Corporate and Tech

The department accompanies large corporate and business clients, as well as high-tech and technology-oriented companies. Our role is to manage the complete “communication portfolio” of those clients – to produce an initial strategy, establish the plan, and implement it in practice through tactical items.

The business world, technology and high-tech are fascinating worlds built by a drive for excellence. Like our customers, our team is accomplished, believes in innovation, and strives for success. We encourage our customers and strive to reflect all these values out to the media or be modest if necessary.

As members of the Corporate and Hi-tech departments, we strive to be the number one communications firm and accompany technology companies and business around the world. Our success is achieved through customer care. We guide our customers from A to Z. From time to time, we look back to see how far we have come, how far we have progressed, and how far we have come together