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Business Department

The Business Department specializes in communication and strategic consulting to consumers, retailers and trade. The department works with several consumer-centric areas such as: tourism, fashion, automobiles, electrical products, energy, food, pharma and lifestyle.


We specialize in working with the leading companies in the economy, market leaders and assimilating trends. Those who drive the Israeli consumer world with unusual and innovative moves such as establishing new chains, bringing in international brands and collaborating with opinion leaders and influencers in Israel and the world. We work with the leading customers in the Israeli economy and some of them also in the international arena. Companies such as Strauss, Super-Pharm, Fox Group, Solaredge, Carrefour and more.

We work around the clock to ensure we become the leading consumer-centric department in Israel. Our mission is to innovate, build and lead the consumerism field. We work hand in hand with our customers and produce the best plan of action and communication strategy for them.